Combining travel, work and caring for animals


Combining travel, work and caring for animals

10 Reasons to Choose House Sitters

The idea of letting a stranger stay in your house might seem a little daunting, however, house sitters are a great, safe option if you are going away and want to ensure your fur babies, furniture and garden gnomes are all safe in your absence.

1. House sitters can provide references and are often vetted

As a reputable website that started matching house sitters with home owners in 2010, TrustedHousesitters has many experienced members with references from past house sits. Those new to the site are encouraged to provide character, employer or landlord references. They send an email to their referees through their TrustedHousesitters profile, and similarly that person enters the reference on the website to increase authenticity.

TrustedHousesitters also has a multi-stage verification process, in which sitters provide references, and ID documents, with an option for increased credibility through a criminal record check for an extra fee.

Also once a home owner makes a shortlist from the applications submitted, they usually Skype or FaceTime their preferred house sitter/s to get to know each other and their pets, and ensure the house sitters really are 60 year old retired teachers and not just a guy in a basement playing World of Warcraft all day.

2. House sitters future house sitting opportunities may depend on you

It's in a house sitters best interests to treat your home with respect. After all a bad review that damages their reputation on a leading house sitting site may mean they swap lounging beside a private pool in Spain or caretaking a fabulous flat in Manhattan for sharing a hostel room in these places with six sweaty 18 year olds. In all seriousness, dog walking, kitty cuddling and keeping your house clean isn't much to ask in exchange for free accommodation in an amazing destination. points out that although you might not have a financial exchange, the house sitter is essentially working for you, and consents to care for your pets and property to a mutually agreed standard in exchange for accommodation.

3. House sitters are a burglar deterrent

Leaving your house vacant for weeks or months at a time makes it obvious to guys or girls with unscrupulous intentions that no one is home. agree that house break-ins are much less likely to occur in a house that appears occupied. Therefore, house sitters turning on lights, cooking in your kitchen or doing yoga in your garden give you peace of mind while you enjoy your well-earned vacation.

4. House sitters have pet care experience

They may have extensive house sitting experience, have grown up on a farm, owned reptiles or love walking Labradors. Whatever care your pet needs you are bound to find someone who has it on a leading house sitting site.

5. House sitters are often retired or work from home

Many house sitters are retirees with time on their hands or entrepreneurs seeking adventure while they work on their dream business. These situations allow them to spend time with your pets instead of out sightseeing local attractions all day.

6. House sitting is less stressful for your pets

Why wouldn't your pooch want to be at home with his favourite slobber covered doggie toy instead of at an animal retreat getting kennel cough from dogs who bark when they see their own shadow? Anecdotal accounts from experienced house sitter conversations with home owners suggest that pets react negatively to time spent away from their normal routine and environment. Even research shows that animals are much happier in familiar surroundings.

7. House sitters are mature and responsible

Maturity isn't necessarily based on age, and the majority of people who house sit tend to be well-travelled respectful young people, business-oriented professionals or retirees who value your offer to let them stay in your home.

8. House sitters save you money

In cattery or kennel costs, plus they house sit for free. Also most house sitting sites are free to owners and only charge house sitters to join. If you register with TrustedHousesitters they even provide a Savings and Benefits Calculator to work out exactly how much more money you will have for poolside cocktails, a sparkly new pair of sandals or other discretionary spending.

9. House sitters can maintain your garden

While house sitters aren't there to landscape your garden or build a greenhouse, asking them to mow your lawn, water some plants or pick a few weeds isn't a big deal in return for free accommodation.

10. Most importantly house sitters love animals

House sitting jobs are awesome for people who adore cuddling cats or playing fetch with a dog. I grew up with cats but as I have matured in years I have developed a fondness for dogs, especially ones that are cute and fluffy and like to be snuggled. My partner Richard had a golden retriever as a child, and is as excited as a kid in a candy store about looking after one later this year. House sitters are people who love any excuse to fuss over animals and view looking after yours as an incredible opportunity. Travelling Weasels another couple who have travelled the world while house sitting and working online, found that more than the home owners or themselves, the pets they care for gain the biggest reward from house sitting.