Combining travel, work and caring for animals


Combining travel, work and caring for animals

We started this site to promote ourselves as house sitters and share our love of travel with other house sitters and home-owners, with tips, useful resources and amusing anecdotes. We don't claim to be travel or house sitting gurus or endorse any products or websites that we haven't used ourselves, but we have learned enough through life experience to feel that we have something valuable to impart.

Who are we

We are Vanessa and Richard, a responsible non-smoking couple in our late 30s who have no children, and work in HR and IT. We were raised in New Zealand around cats and dogs, and have experience house sitting dogs, cats and chickens. Between us we have travelled to over 30 countries and can't wait to see more. Vanessa enjoys yoga and taking part in activities to raise money for charities as President of a volunteer group, while Richie likes hiking and sailing in his spare time.

Why we love to house sit

We love travelling and house sitting allows us to experience a country as more than just a tourist by living in a local community and immersing ourselves in the culture. We will be working on our own online software business, so we will be home everyday to ensure your house and pets are well taken care of.

Also we love animals but living in an inner-city apartment in central Wellington, New Zealand doesn't allow us to have any, especially when our ideal pet is an Old English Sheep Dog called Muffin. Yes we have already named our non-existent dog! It gives us a goal for the future. He/she is named after a character from a New Zealand children's book Hairy Maclary.

Why are we responsible house sitters

While we are travelling having our own pets is not an option so we would love to cuddle, walk an generally fuss over yours. We know that your pets would prefer to be in the environment they are used to while you are away rather than somewhere they are not familiar with, and be taken care of the way you would if you were home. We also strongly believe in respecting others property, and want you to enjoy your well-deserved holiday with peace of mind that your house and pets are in good hands.

With that in mind, we use this website to keep a private blog for each home owner with updates and photo's of their fur babies so they can see they are safe and sound.

Vanessa obtained a Masters Degree while working full-time, and has a police check and work-related government security clearance.

We both lived and worked in several countries and been responsible tenants, flatmates and employees for several decades.

Pet experience

Vanessa grew up in a city household with cats while Richard was raised in the country around dogs. We both have experience as house-sitters in New Zealand where we took care of dogs, cats and chickens.

Richard grew up in a rural area in an environmentally conscious family, and once worked as landscaper at an eco-resort, and built his own motor-home. He also once did house sitting at this not too shabby eco-resort

He also offered to walk his neighbour's dog everyday for several months just because he liked walking dogs so much and didn't have one of his own. If your pet requires daily brushing, Richard is very experienced in this to maintain his own hair :)

What we do for work while house sitting

We are using our backgrounds in Software Developer (Richard) and Marketing (Vanessa) to work on our own online software business, an organizational tool which can be accessed from anywhere.

This means we won't be out all day sightseeing and will spend plenty of time at home caring for your house and pets.

We do not charge you for house sitting, as we appreciate having the opportunity to live and work in amazing locations all over the world.

Travel experience

Vanessa has lived and worked in London, travelled extensively throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

Richard made Australia his home several times and went on a 2 month cycling tour of Europe in 2016.

We are both open-minded, enjoy new experiences and respect other people's cultural and religious beliefs.